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DS: meta swanlake jsk, meta music note special set jsk, f+f blouse, triple fortune beret

Firstly, the rules etc:

- I only accept paypal, and payments must be made in UK pounds.

- I do ship internationally, but it will obviously cost more. Airmail is insured up to £39 but if you want something insured for more and trackable it'll cost £4.50 extra.

- I have feedback here and here

- Feel free to haggle! I've tried to price everything as fairly as I can but if you think it's unreasonable then make an offer. Similarly if you want more photos or have any questions I will try my best to accomodate you.

- Shipping is not included, just ask and I'll give you a quote.

- The measurements provided are the actual measurements of the garments, please use your own discretion to decide if something will fit or not. (I'd recommend being at least an inch or so below the maximum measurement to ensure a comfortable fit)

On to the stuff~

Metamorphose Swanlake Print JSK

Stock photos.

I haven't worn this for ages and it's just taking up space in my wardrobe. It has an inbuilt petticoat. The ruffley bits on the straps and the front are removable. I've somehow managed to lose the waist ties and the little bows between Manchester and home and Manchester again. (but if I find them I'll ship them to you free of charge)

Bust: 32-35"
Waist: 26-28"
Length: 35"

Price: £120 (originally cost £160)

Metamorphose Music Note Special Set JSK SOLD THANK YOU~

The socks kind of got ruined and the jewellery disintegrated so I don't really have much to coordinate this with anymore. Includes a brown bow that I'm not wearing in the picture.

Bust: 32-37"
Underbust: 28-32"
Length: 31"

Price: £30 (set was originally £70)


Stock photos

I received this a few days ago but it's too short on me. It's only been tried on once.

Bust: 34-37"
Waist: 30"-33"
Length: 16"

Price: £35 (this is what it cost me from F+F and I've never properly worn it)

Triple Fortune beret SOLD THANK YOU

I bought this to go with my special set and since I'm selling the jsk there's not really much point in keeping it. I'm also convinced that I look bad in berets so I don't tend to wear it anyway...

Price: £15 (originally cost £20)

Thank you for looking!

Edit: I'm going to bed now so I won't be able to reply to any more comments for a little while.
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