Shu (xmidarex) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: 2 Baby blouses, -20%

Sales terms
  • Sales will be made at my own discretion to next-in-line.
  • I ship from Canada! Feedback can be found on the loligothdbs, and my personal journal has ones from more recent transactions.
  • Tracking and insurance will automatically be included in your shipping cost if the option if available to your country. If you choose to opt out, let me know, but I can no longer be responsible for your package once it leaves my hands. This means I will not refund you, partially or fully, unless my item has been misrepresented in my sales post and the like.

Direct Sales

  • Blouse #1 (left) and Blouse #2 (right)
  • Both measurements: 34 - 36 inch bust, for the best fit. If you are one inch bigger or smaller than this, it will still fit you.
  • Blouse #1 collar detail, Blouse #2 collar detail
  • Both feature flower shaped buttons!
  • Blouse #2 also has a small waist tie at the back.
  • Price: $60 each
I will accept a trade for black blouses that will fit a 30" bust - these BABY blouses are too big for me!
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright

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