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DS: Replica Socks - 3rd round, BL Skirt, Rose Bracelet, Music Note & Rose Necklace,

*All prices are in USD
*Accept PAYPAL, please add 4.5%paypal fee
*Feel free to ask question^^
*Sorry for the bad cut- -

Dear previous buyer:
If you order only hav
e #1-11, your order will ship out by Oct 13-14
A email will send to you after I ship it out.

1st & 2nd Round deatils

25 26 27
28 29 30
31 32


Fit feet up to 25cm, long aroudn 40cm. (At least knee high)
If you are tall, it might be knee high for u
If you are short, it might be over the knee for u.
The print is exactlly the same, if u worry, u can PM for actual pic.
 It's the same, just  without logo.

1pair 17
2pairs 30
3pairs 45
4pairs 60
5pairs 75

1 pair - US$2, elsewhere$3
2 pairs - US $3, elsewhere $4
3 paris - US$ $4, elsewere$5......etc
(Add $1 for every pair on )

Please submit the following info, I will calculate total for you
Once you are okay with everything
I will invoce you

To order:
LJ name:
What you want:
Contact Email:
Paypal Address

Money Problem?
-If you want to buy the socks but dont have enough money at this moment
As long as you SURE you will buy and you will pay
I can hold them for you.
And please dont back out.
(also, let me know around when will u be able to pay)

Rose Necklace
Color: White / Black / Pink / Purple
Size: Rose itself is around 1.5cm large
Shipping $1
(This is a repost item after 4 weeks)

Music Note Necklace - $12USD 
Music Note Necklace   Actual Pic
Color: Silver / Gold
$12USD shipped everywhere.

Whole necklace 69cm long,
Music note itemself 7cm

(This is a repost item after 4 weeks)               

Candy OP                                      
                       Candy OP #2
$83USD shipped with tracking                                 $83USD shipped with tracking
Size: S / M / L                                       
                Size: XS / S / M / L / XL 

(This is a repost after 4 weeks)                                                     (This is a repost after 4 weeks)                     

Rose Bracelet 

Shipping:  US$3, Other places$2.5

(This is a repost item after 4 weeks)               

Bodyline Cake Print Skirt  
Larger Picture: http://pics.livejournal.com/yikyu1991716/pic/0017y664/
Condition: New with tag
Size: Length 57cm, Waist 64-74cm
$30 USD + Shipping
(Prefer US buyer)

NYC Buyer, welome face trade to save shipping and paypal fee
Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand

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