sleepy_kaze (sleepy_kaze) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Petticoat, Meta Socks

This is my first sales post here so if there's any confusion I apologize or if there's any questions feel free to ask :D I have feedback at the LoliGoth Database and on ebay
Prices includes shipping with in the US, for international buyers ask about shipping.

Payment options: Paypal, Concealed Cash (at your own risk! will not be responsible for lost money!)

Off-brand white petticoat
Originally purchased from another seller here. Reason why I'm selling it is o___o;; its too poofy? I know how poof is an important factor for a petticoat but it's just too poofy for my comfort. Also, its great for heavier skirts as well.

Price: $20

Meta Off-White Crown Embroidery Knee High Socks
This was more of an impulsive I regret purchasing it since ^^; I have nothing that goes with it. :0 i ONLY wore it 3 times in my own house with out shoes on and the previous owner tried it on only once?

Price: $14


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