Rae (lolita_lin_lin) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Big sale!

I just don't wear lolita any more.

I'm still open to commissions because I love sewing lolita. :)

Paypal only.
Shipping and Handling is $7 for one item, and $9 for two.
Ask any questions.
These are the minimum prices, thank you.
No trades, please.

Sorry about the photos, I'm having camera troubles. I can always take webcam photos, but they aren't the best photos.

Innocent World OP

My photo Bad color. x.x
Detachable sleeve, and full shirring. The collar is very flattering. I've only worn this once, and I don't know how much it was worn before. It still looks very nice.
Bust- 40"
Waist- 36"

Angelic Pretty Polka Dot OP

Fits many sizes. Its front shirred. I would suggest an A, B cup, but C/D's do fit.
Bust - 38" max
Waist- 34" max

Anna House Blouse
Sorry I don't have a photo of my own. If you want I can take a webcam one to prove I own it.
Never worn, Only tired on.
Size M
Bust 34"
Waist- 28"

Anna House Cream Shoes
Never worn. Tired on, they were way to big for me. It was a long shot, I have small feet.
Size 36 (would fit a 6.5, 7)

Meta Cinderella Skirt

Very cute, I'm not sure how much the owner before me wore it, but I've only tired it on.
Waist - 26"

Meta Candy Girl CutsewPending

Never worn, tired on once. :)
Bust- 36"

Meta tank top

New with tags.
Sorry I don't have my own image, if you don't mind a webcam image, you can ask.
Bust- 35" max
Waist- around 28"

3 Punk Square skirts.
$20 each

B&W Stripe
They look a lot better on a person, I just can't get them to behave.
Waist - 40" max, suggested is 26"-36"

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