hotstylechic (hotstylechic) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

***WTB: Emily Temple Cute & Victorian Maiden/BETH *MM

I'm looking for blouses, socks, cardigans, jsk, jacket, skirts,and other winter tops, bottoms, and other winter accessories! O and I also like classic lolita clothing <3

Things I'm not looking for: shoes, purses, parasols, no headresses.

I have money, just show me what you got, if i like it, i will buy it. =] I live in zip code 90815 (Long Beach) in California, USA. please post how much you are willing to sell in $USD.

My email is if you want to contact me there instead of egl.
Please let me look at your items first before you sell to another buyer, thank you! ^^
Thanks for posting!!!

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