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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab group order

So since a few people were interested when I asked about it and I'm going to order anyways, I figured I'd open it up.

How it works (edited):
Orders are sent to me
I MUST have the money by the 16th (because that's when I'm placing the order). All extra shipping will be noted and put towards the second shipment
---------shipping will be divided evenly unless we go over $150; in that case, it will be by percentage
Items come in
You pay for shipping (3 bottles tend to be $2.50, while more imps go for the same price)

These are done in order to save shipping for everyone =)

From the Lab:

What are your shipping rates?

The shipping rates for the US are as follows:

Orders totaling up to $150.00: $6.50
…up to $300.00: $11.00
…up to $500.00: $13.00

Shipping costs will be waived for all orders over $500.00.

Please note that all orders, including domestic orders may take IN EXCESS of 14-21 business days to process, pack and ship out when we have a heavy workload, due to the nature of our product.

This is to let you all know that it may be a while before we get our items, just so you don't panic. I'll send out updates to let you know what's going on with the order.

That being said, if you're interested, please comment with the following (or if you're not comfortable with that, e-mail me at crystal_star_ss[at]hotmail[dot]com):

LJ name: (What you're commenting with =) )
Order: (What you want from the lab; address is http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/)
Method of Payment: (paypal non-cc, those with CC must cover the fees themselves and let me know; MO must be here on time!)
Paypal address: (if applicable)
Other: (special circumstances, any extra information you'd like to be updated with)

=) This is my first time to run a BPAL group order, so we'll see what happens!

Feedback can see seen at my journal or on ebay under crystal_star_ss

erinlarue [PAID]
Imp pack of- Alice, Lolita, Lady of Shallott, Maiden, Lust, Vixen

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