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DS: Innocent World, Metamorphose, FanPlusFriend, and more!


I'm selling a few things becaue of some recent expenses that have come up.


~ I will hold an item for up to 24 hours.
~ Paypal only, please!
~ No trades.
~ Priority shipping within the US is included in the prices. If you would like international shipping or would like insurance and tracking, please ask!

First up is a Secret Garden print OP from FanPlusFriend in BLUE.

**Please note: The actual dress is SKY BLUE**
The original page is here: http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-258/Dolly-Gothic-fdsh-Sweet-Lolita-cln--Print/Detail
The FanPlusFriend site says that this dress is a UK size 10 which tranlates to a US size 8.
It was only worn once!

This dress was my very first lolita piece, so I'm very sad to let it go.  ;_; It is absolutely beautiful in person, and the quality is very similar to some of the brand pieces I own!

Here are some pictures to prove I own it:


Asking: $80 (including shipping) OBO

Next up is a pair of strawberry earmuffs!
(as modelled by Hello Kitty ^.^)

These were originally bought at Pacific Mall last winter, and have never been worn. They are extremely soft, and are perfect for the approaching winter months!

Asking: $20 (including shipping) OBO

Third, I am selling this Hello Kitty lunchbox!

This was originally bought for me as a birthday present, but I already have one of the same. It has never even been used. A great addition to any sweet lolita coordinate!

Asking: $10 including shipping

Fourth is this lovely Hello Kitty hat~

This was also given to me as a present, and has never been worn. It still has the plastic hanger attached!

Asking: $15 including shipping

Next up is an Innocent World Ribbon jsk~

I bought this off of this community a few months ago and have never worn it. It really is wonderful quality and is no longer available on the website! I can take better photographs if there is an interest in it!

Asking: $160 including shipping

I'm also selling the Metamorphose bloomers seen here: http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/onlineshop_eng/undergarments/104109040039.php?ssid=132e2118107101181335 I will be glad to take pictures if anyone expresses an interest!

Asking: $50 inluding shipping

Thanks for looking! ^.^


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