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Limited Shopping Service in Tokyo - No longer taking orders

Update 10:45 PM PT: I've reached my cap of 15 orders. Although, those that have already been assigned order numbers can add to their orders, I will not be taking any additional inquiries. Thanks so much for your overwhelmingly positive response!

Update 6:19 PM PT: I'm up to 11 orders so far and it seems as most people are going for a number of small items or one skirt or JSK. I will take a total of 15 orders and will be going by who gets their orders in first. I'm going to make my commute home and will be back online later to process the rest of the orders. Thanks!

I posted yesterday evening in egl about a limited shopping service I was thinking of taking on, while I am in Tokyo November 16-21. I've decided to take on a limited number of orders (5-15) for the shops listed below, as there will be a limit to how much I can bring back in my luggage. If everyone interested in the service is requesting headdresses or socks I'll be able to take on more orders, but if everyone request coats or shoes, I'll likely have to take on less.

For those who didn't read my first post - I'm making a trip to Tokyo which I hadn't planned on taking and will be on my own for a few days. To combat the boredom and help offset some of my last-minute travel costs, I've decided to offer this limited shopping service to some punk, sweet and classic lolita shops in Harajuku and Shinjuku for EGL members in US & Canada. I'll charge a 10% fee + a flat shipping rate, this should save you on the cost of shipping within and from Japan.

Excuse the long-ness of my post but I want you to have all the information up-front so nothing should come as a surprise to you. ^^

For references: I have a few LJ sales comments here and I also have 100% feedback on eBay

Available Shops
I'm limiting the shopping service to the following physical stores in Shinjuku and Harajuku that I will be able to visit.

  • Algonquins
  • Alice and the Pirates
  • Angelic Pretty
  • BABY, The Stars Shine Bright
  • Heart E
  • Innocent World
  • Metamorphose
  • Nudy Boy
  • Putumayo
  • Sex Pot Revenge

    Making an Order
    To make an order please use the following form and post it for each item you are interested in buying in the comments section below.

    Store Name:
    Name of Item:
    Price (including tax):
    Item URL:

    For price, please include the price of the item including tax. For instance, on BABY's website the price with tax is the highest of the two prices listed. For stores that do not include the price with tax, please add 5% to the price of the item, as that is the standard consumption tax in Tokyo.

    Please feel free to request items as you like from as many of the stores listed above as you want. Please only requests items you are committed to buying as I will not be able to keep tabs of second and third choices if your first choice of item is not available. I will not be able to take orders for umbrellas/parasols and unusually large or bulky items as these will be difficult to carry back in my luggage.

    I will be accepting orders until Tuesday, November 13th, to give you time time to pay in full by November 14th. I may have to close orders early if I receive more orders than I can handle.

    About Fees

    If I accept your order, I will charge a 10% fee on the total cost of your total items and will give you a grand total. Additionally, I will charge a flat shipping & handling rate (please see chart below). That total must be paid in full to my Paypal account by Wednesday, November 14th. I apologize for not being able to accept personal checks or money orders, however due to the short notice of this shopping service, I may not receive your payment in the mail before leaving on my trip.

    If I cannot find your requested item in the store, your payment for that item will be refunded to you.

    About Shipping & Handling

    After returning from Japan, I will begin preparing packages for shipment. The shipping & handling rate will be a flat rate based on the chart below designed to cover the actual cost of shipping and packaging costs for envelopes/boxes, etc. All packages will be sent out with tracking numbers. I can begin shipping out items after Thanksgiving on Friday, November 23.

    I've converted the shipping rates to Japanese yen using the conversion rate of US $1 = 113 yen (rounded from the rate on Google as of this morning). So you can pay one fee in one currency. Sorry if this is a bit confusing but this is the simplest way I could think of doing it.

    Item TypesS&H Price is USDS&H Price in JPY
    1-3 necklaces, earings/very small itemsUS $2227 yen
    1-3 headresses/socks/canvas bagsother small itemsUS $4454 yen
    1-2 blouses/cutsews/purses/other medium itemsUS $6681 yen
    1-2 JSKs/OPs/large purses/shoes/other similar itemsUS$8908 yen
    heavy coats/pair of boots/multiple OPs &JSKs/other large itemsUS $101135 yen

    These are some questions I've recieved. Please feel free to ask any more you have and I will answer and add on to this section.

    1. Why aren't you doing a shopping service for MA/MAM, Victorian Maiden/Beth, Mary Magdalene?
    These brands to not have physical stores in Shinjuku or Harajuku. Although, these brands are sold by stores like Putumayo, Atelier Pierrot and Kera Shop, I cannot predict what selection those stores will have so I am not offering a shopping service for these brands.

    2. Why aren't you doing a shopping service to [insert store name]? They have a store in Tokyo
    I'm limiting the number of stores, so that I can ensure I will be able to visit all the stores and spend time looking for the items people requested. I want to avoid taking on too many stores and rushing from place to place, potentially missing an item someone requested.

    3. Why is there a flat rate on shipping? I live close by so I'm sure my shipping would be less.
    I decided on flat shipping so you could pay all at once instead of paying a large fee upfront and a smaller fee later. It also means I can send you your package after returning from my trip instead of calculating the shipping cost and waiting to receive the shipping payment before being able to send the package out.

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