Your Mind. It Haz A Flavour. (flavour_of_mind) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Your Mind. It Haz A Flavour.

WTB, possible WTC ~

Hello, I'm looking for blackxwhite music note or piano themed items to match my new socks. I'll look at pretty much anything - JSKs, OPs, blouses, skirts, what have you.
These are my measurements:
Bust - 31-32 inches/78.74-81.28 centimeters.
Waist - 26-27 inches/66.04-68.58 centimeters.
I have a somewhat tight budget, so I'm looking at a pretty low price range: I'm hoping to not pay over $50 (USD) per item. I understand that this is definitely stretching it for brand, so I'm willing to look at offbrand/hideously underpriced brand.

If I can't find anything music-themed that suits my fancy - not to mention my budget - I'm willing to look at anything blackxwhite themed.

Oh, and I almost forgot! If I can't find anything else, I might consider commisioning something, providing your work is hideously underpriced. xP

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