Kei (klhinkle) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

There is a lot I want to buy ;]

Hello everyone!
So I was just paid from a recent huge commission I just did and I realized that it's about time I treat myself to something new that can accent my wardrobe, and hopefully work with my Halloween costume.  So get ready, here's what I am looking for!

1.  The main thing I am looking for is a new blouse, and there are two styles in two colors that I am looking to buy!
-Anything black or white (I will look at all colors, however)
-something either very sweet or gothic aristocrat (in the both colors)
-Brand, offbrand, homemade, it doesn't matter, just so long as it is long sleeved
-preferably nothing with a huge bow under the collar (unless it is an aristocratic style)
-I will gladly look at all offers, and I suggest that you tell me a price you would like before I name my own, and also, include what size it is so I can determine if I can wear it or alter it to be worn.

2. Brand boleros or cardigans
-I am looking for either an Angelic Pretty or BTSSB cardigan or Bolero
-Any color
-I will look at other brands as well

3. ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING Moi-meme-moitie or Takuya Angel!
-Show me anything you have from these two brands that is under (or equal to) $100 USD shipped!

4. Any cute, extremely decora accessories.
-necklaces and jewelry are in top priority
-I would love to look at deco nails and eyelashes (as long as they aren't too much)

5. Anything Lolita(ish) or decora that is halloween themed.  (Decora and lolita items with a Halloween theme have a strong place in my heart-this goes with anything really <333)

Well I guess I really wasn't looking to buy too much, and I don't have a crazy large sum of money so if I buy one expensive thing I probably won't be buying another, and I am not looking to buy all of this at once; maybe just one blouse and one accessory-something to that extent.  If you also have anything else that I did not list that you think I may be interested in based on what I have listed above don't hesitate to show me!  I love looking at all that you guys have to offer!

Thanks again!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, moi-meme-moitie

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