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WTB: bigger sized shoes

Hello Ladies,

I am in desperate need of a new pair of shoes. i was going to go in on a group order, but i didn't know where my finances were, and i didn't realize that the GO i was going to join closed.

So, I need a pair of white or off white shoes that will fit a us size 10-11. My exact size varies wildly< and the more adjustable the shoes are the better. I am not looking for massive heels, but other than that i am willing to look at anything. My budget is $60.00US, but i am willing to pay more for something i fall in love with. I would really like a pair similar to tea party shoes, but i have wide feet, and I hear those styles run small.

Also. i must have the shoes by Sept. 10. I live in ny, 11757. i have 60 in my paypal account right now, and it would be a little less than a week before i could come up with more.

If i forgot anything. please let me know, otherwise, show me what you've got!

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