The Osaka Koneko SALES (osakaneko_sales) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
The Osaka Koneko SALES

DS: AP, AatP, Meta, SDL, MAM, Novala, SWIMMER, bodyline, and SOCKS!

NOVELTY FAIR - EVERY purchase gets you a present! The more you spend, the nicer the present!!
See details here!

Also, be sure to click on the pictures of each item to see lots of detail pictures and information about each. This is just a summary page - measurements and the like can be found on the individual item pages. &hearts &hearts

NEW ITEMS - The following items are all brand new, most never tried on, some tried on but never worn, mostly NWT, some NWOT, but all NEW.

NWOT Sexy Dynamite Tees x 4, $30 each inc. airmail shipping, or buy more than one for a discount!
(probably sold out)

NWT Metamorphose blouse, $80 including EMS shipping

NWT Metamorphose skirt, $80 including EMS shipping

NWT Angelic Pretty cutsew, $100 including EMS shipping

NWOT MAM cutsew and Metamorphose socks - BLUE POODLE SET, $60 including EMS shipping (or can be purchased separately)

NWOT Alice and the Pirates Herringbone Stripe Bondage Pants, $100 including EMS shipping

NWT SWIMMER fold-up frill umbrellas, $40 each including EMS shipping

NWOT SWIMMER headphones, 6 pairs, 6 designs, $45 each including EMS shipping (piano design SOLD OUT)

NWT Novala Takemoto Hello Kitty Pour Lolita White Edition plush doll, $50 including EMS shipping

NWOT(one NWT) Metamorphose mini handtowels, $10 each including airmail shipping (pink SOLD OUT)

SOCKS AND SOCKS AND SOCKS!!! $6-40 for all sorts of types!! Non-brand all $4-10! (SALE!!) Check to see if I've got anything you want!
(The socks shown above are just a few of the styles I have available!)

The following set is USED from my personal collection. It's in pretty beaten up shape, but is pretty cheap, so if you just want something to play around with, or experiment with, or just to try out without a huge financial investment, it's a great chance! The headdress is quite nice and in great condition too!

BodyLine Pink Pearl Princess set, includes headdress, not-so-good condition, check page for details, $50 including EMS shipping (almost free considering shipping cost!)

I've been taking a break from sales since I moved apartments due to, well, moving and general busy-ness, but I'm back now! Some of these items are left from before, but about two thirds are new, and it's been 3 months since any of them have been posted. So please do take a look! Plus, NOVELTY FAIR! Whee!!!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ne!! Thanks so much for looking! <3<3<3

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