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Cheap handmade lolita skirts! Nothing more 30$!

Hi there <3

Everything is new!

Shipping: to Europe 5$, to America & Africa 6,5$, to Asia 7,5$, to Australia: 9,5 $
Payment: by paypal ^^ e-checks are ok, I don't care about paypal fees ^^

Another photo

Price: 20 $

Waist: from 60 cm to 120 cm ^^
Long: 53 cm

Very good, heavy fabric like used to ball gowns, adorable lace.
Price: 30 $

Waist: 78 cm
Long: 53 cm

Details 1 and Details 2!

My first handmade skirt. It isn't perfect, so I'm selling it so cheap. It isn't well made, but still looks good :3
Price: 10 $

Waist: 76 cm
Long: 53 cm

Tags: handmade, offbrand

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