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DS: AP cardigan, furjacket and IW JSK


I´m cleaning the closet again..

Ship from Sweden

We skip to the item now.. ^^

Angelic Pretty red strawberry cardigan

Only used once, great condition. Maxbust would be 94 cm IF you want to be able to tie the bow tight. But if you tie it looser it could fit a bigger bust.

170 USD + shipping (10 USD)

Angelic Pretty white furjacket (wore once)

Maxbust: 94 cm if you want to close the jacket. But you can easily wear it open as it gets quite warm, so then you can have a larger bust ^^ The big bow at the front is detachable, same thing with the lace at the collar, bottom and arms. It also has a double pearlstrand at the front that is detachable.

200 USD + shipping (europe: 24 USD, outside europe: 27 USD)

Innocent World BLUE poodle JSK

NOTE!! I´m selling the blue one:

Only used twice under a short period. Shirring over the whole backpiece. Can fit up to 96 cm bust.

250 USD + shipping (europe: 19 USD, outside europe: 23 USD)

Please make offers to if you want ^^

Best regards
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