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Marby ヽ(≧∀≦)ノ

DS/DT: Baby / MAM/ Offbrand

Hiii friends ♥

I'm selling some of my monotone clothes so I can fill my wardrobe with more sweet ^^ ♥
I'm willing to take offers and trades.
(Floor has been thoroughly cleaned for these photos +__+ *sparkle*!)

Please note:
♥ Shipping is not included in prices. Please message me your location and I can give you a quote.
♥ Trades only with users with positive feedback.
♥ If you live in London we can meet up to collect it.
♥ No holds.


The JSK is in perfect condition. It has thin nondetachable waist ties at the back.
It is shirred in the back and has a lot of room in the bust area.
Measurements taken from the site:

Black x White BTSSB velveteen skirt - $80 OBO

26" waist/66cm. Non adjustable as it has no shirring or waist ties.

Velveteen with lovely Baby lace ♥_♥ Lined inside with some poof so can be worn without petticoat.

Offbrand sailor top - $35 OBO

From a brand called Tokyo Royale? I think...But I don't know anything about them so maybe I'm wrong...
Fits UK size 8-10 with medium bust perfectly, Has waist ties at the back and is very well made.
I think I'm the second owner of this...? There is some yellowing around the neck area but nothing a bit of fabric bleaching won't fix.

MAM Hearts pocket JSK - $140 OBO. I would prefer to trade this dress.

Has functional heart pockets and lovely card suit lace. Really adorable cupcake style! Bought brand new from MAM. I think I have a MAM headdress that suits with this as well. If there is any interest I will see if I can find it. Has shirring in the back.
Bust: 36" max.
Waist: -

Thank you for reading. Please ask if there are any questions ^^.

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, maxicimam, offbrand

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