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DS: algonquins addiction cutsew (price lowered, need to sell!! )

sorry if you keep seeing this >>;

sorry in advance for the crappy photos...my digital camera has decided to spaz out, so I had to use my webcam.

I just recently bought this used w/ tags. It's in great condition and like a lot of Algonquins stuff, it's versatile (the ruffle part at the bottom can be unzipped and taken off), but there is no stretch at all and I know my bust will never fit this x) lol

$40 including shipping in the US
width (pit to pit): 15in
length (from the pit to bottom): w/ the ruffle part it's 14in

I can only accept paypal/CC paypal at the moment. I have feedback on ebay under the alias of 'physical_neurose' and I've sold multiple items here on egl before as well. feel free to negotiate. thanks for looking!

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