kyaa_loli (kyaa_loli) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS brands and non-brand

Hello !

Paypal only !
Shipping is only in insured ! Thank you ^^

Metamorphose temps de fille dress, with chocker and wristcruff : 135€ shipped with pp fees only for Europe, 141€ shipped with pp fees in Usa and Canada.
In good condition.

Emily Temple Cute dress, also in good condition, 120€ shipped to Europe (with fees), 126€ shipped to Usa and Canada (with fees).
No sizing

Non-brand outfit (skirt + top + headdress)in good condition : 75€ to europe (shipped + fees), 81€ to usa and canada
(bust max : 88cm)

Non brand top (shipped not in insured, it's so expensive...), size M, never worn, 43€ shipped in Europe (with fees), 45€ shipped to worldwide (with fees)

thank you !


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