Frozen ♪ (frozen_yjapan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Frozen ♪

New Online Web-Shop ^_^

 Hello dear Lolita and Aristocrats!
Clothing-Drop would like to announce the opening of our brand new webstore!

As a joint effort with and Celga EGL we are happy to bring you a new and used Japanese Brand Lolita webshop which ships to you from United States!

Our new webshop allows you to login as a customer and keep track of your orders online!
 Please take advantage of our items, consignment sales, and our monthly group orders (coming soon)! We hope to provide weekly to bi-weekly updates of new and used brand clothing so please subscribe to our website for updates. 

update: The site should be back up now thanks! There were a lot more visitors than we expected so we are switching to a new server soon to ensure it doesn't happen again ^_^!

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