alice (maetel9) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

image theft alert (possible scammer)

hey everyone,

just wanted to alert you that a seller (crazisilverange/silver_works is using an image of mine in her sales post

normally this wouldn't bother me toooo much but:
- she did not ask permission
- this is not an item that i have sold to her
- the item she is selling is missing parts (bow, ties) and my image includes these missing parts
- i've asked her three time to remove it, but she's said she's "too lazy" to take a picture of her own item until the end of tonight (which is when her sales ends, wtf??)
sorry, just seems very scammer-ish to me :/

remember ladies, take your own pics (or at least have the decency to ask!!)

x-posted to egl

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