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U.S. Based Secret Shop/An*Ten*Na Batch Order

Batch Order Closed

This is the long awaited Secret Shop batch order post that everyone has been waiting for. I’ve received numerous e-mails from people inquiring about the batch order and due to work and schools, I haven’t had much time to respond to those e-mails and I apologize.

I am presently an official overseas distributor working in conjunction with cuppycakeland to offer Secret Shop’s current inventory to customers in the U.S. I have held two other large group order before with the most notable being the huge L.A. based Secret Shop order a few months back so I have a pretty good idea what it all entails.

Here’s how this works, please read the following information before sending in a request:

I will only accept Paypal as a mode of payment. This makes it easier for me and for you.
• Group order shipping is $10USD for every 1KG accumulated so if your shoes weigh 1.5KG, group shipping with be $15.
• There will be a $7USD fee per person to cover bank transfer fees, PP fee for the group payment to be sent to cuppycakeland, packaging fee that Secret Shop charges to pack the shoes (a whooping $27 @___@).
• Shipping from me to you will be $10.
• U.S. customer only.
• Please refer to this post for pictures, sizing, prices, etc.
Deadline for this batch order is Sunday, November 18th, 2007 as to ensure that everyone gets their shoes before Christmas and money is expected no later than this day.

If you are ready to order, please include the following information:
+LJ Name (redundant but it makes it much easier for me to copy & paste to compile the final list):
+Mode of Paypal payment (CC or direct so I can give you the e-mail to the correct account. CC payments will be responsible for PP fees):
+E-mail where I can send an invoice to:
+Shoe code:
+Price of shoes on post:
+Weight of shoes:

Extra note: Pairs of bows in 3 different colors (black, white and pink) can be purchased for $5 + $1 (group shipping fee). Shipping from me to you won`t be more than $2 or so for packaging and such. If you are interested, please reply in the same format above excluding, the shoe code, size and weight. Another interesting tidbit if you didn`t know is that the Tea Party replicas are available on cuppycakeland's post but they don`t look like it since the bows are missing. =D

Those participating in the group order are the following:
1. o_chibi_chan Paid
2. mach2kudou Paid
3. kanashimi2 Paid
4. sekiria Paid
5. tian_shi Paid
6. kuramew Paid
7. lolitallie Paid
8. deedlelu Paid
9. crazyheartsp Paid
10. cupcakecadaver Paid
11. adorable1 Paid
12. kiyomi23 Paid
13. designwonder Paid
14. yumyumyum Paid
15. chibiusagi Paid
16. dakashy Paid
17. makichi Paid
18. iruishi Paid
19. allurose Paid
20. kabe_no_hana Paid
21. myuuri Paid
22. kuraku Paid
23. ephemerally Paid

Total KG so far: 23KG

EDIT: cuppycakeland will be adding a few new shoe inventories in the next day or so. Please keep a look-out for those!

EDIT 2: I just sent in our list so far to do an inventory check and there has been a slight change to how shoe #9817 is sized. Here is the information I received:

Here is what left in specific color and sizes for shoe #9817
Black in size 37, 39
Red in size 34, 37, 38
Pink in 34, 37, 39
White in 38

Furthermore, this is a ONE TIME design. Secret Shop will not be making anymore of these replicas. Once they run out, they`re out so get your own pair in every color! XD

If you have any further questions that I did not address, feel free to ask me here or shoot me an e-mail at sophisticated_fun AT

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