saint anna rose (seedsandstars) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
saint anna rose

h jelly skirt + candy violet tophat + mooks

h. jelly spiderweb bxw skirt

photo on

this skirt is so beautiful. i bought it when i was in harajuku, thinking i'd wear it all the time. i haven't in fact, just once for the photo seen above. it's got three layers; the first is made of transparent spiderweb netting + lace and plaid ruffles. there is a plaid and petticoat netting layer below that one, and then a silky soft bottom layer with a plaid ruffle.
it's freesize and stays up with a drawstring, the smallest the waist goes is 21" and can easily accomodate sizes up to 34". It meaures about 18.5" from the top to the bottom.

bought for ~$120.
offer a price.
i am more then willing to accept trades for this :D

candy violet minihat

this is such a beautiful, well made minihat. i bought it to go with the skirt above, and it does very well, except i never wore the outfit. it's roughly 5.5" long, 5" wide, and 2.5" tall. this was also only tried on.

$30 shipped.
also willing to trade.

gl bible, issues 14 + 15
they have the extras in them still (playing cards) and in mint condition.

gosurori handbook, issues 2 + 5
used but good condition. they still have all the pattern instructions in them.

make an offer. shipping is $5 for one and $9 for a flatrate box (more then one).

make an offer. also willing to trade for these too.



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