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DS: Atelier Boz, Putumayo, Black Peace Now, Metamorphose

Terms and conditions (aka the boring but necessary part):
- All measurements are approximate.
- Worldwide non-insured airmail shipping included. Insured shipping cost an extra 15 dollars. I will not be held responsible for the package when it leaves my hands.
- Payment in CC and non-CC Paypal, no e-checks. Bank transfer is available for Scandinavian countries.
- Shipping will be done as soon as possible after transfers from my PP account to my bankaccount. Please keep this in mind. If you need the package faster, please tell me.
- No trades, no holds.
- Please only leave a comment if you're truly interested in buying something. This is to make buying easier for not only me but also others that are interested.
- Feedback is visible at, and loligoth_dbs.
- Any questions, just ask.


Atelier BOZ dress - SOLD

Putumayo cutsew - SOLD

Putumayo parka - SOLD

Metamorphose t-shirt - SOLD

Black Peace Now shirt - SOLD


Putumayo shirt - 40 USD incl. shipping

Proof I have it
When worn

Black shirt from Putumayo with burgundy details in velveteen (ribbons) and satin (necktie). The necktie also has the Putumayo crown printed in velveteen.

Bust: 84 cm
Waist: 72 cm
Length: 54 cm
Arm length: 56 cm


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