j. (yueqian) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Very cute hair accessories!

☆ All prices are in USD and do not include shipping
☆ Shipping by normal airmail is a standard USD2 for any number of items bought. Please add an extra USD1.50 for registered airmail!
☆ All items are new and unopened. The ones pictured are from my personal collection, so rest assured you'll definitely receive something new and sealed! :)
☆ I accept non-CC Paypal only
☆ I will be shipping from Singapore
☆ I have some feedback here and here


1. Cherry hairpins

Price: USD3.50 per pair
Quantity available: 1

2. Silver ribbon hairpins

Price: USD4 per pair
Quantity available: 2

3. Silver music note hairpins

Price: USD4 per pair
Quantity available: 2

4. Cake & Ice-cream hairtie

Top view

Please note that there is only 1 hairtie here and not a pair!

Price: USD2
Quantity available: 1

5. Strawberry hairclips and hairties set

There are 2 hairclips and 2 hairties in this set. Please note that there is only 1 strawberry on each hairtie!

Price: USD4.50 per set
Quantity available: 1


I also have a Metamorphose vanity case-style bag here. Please take a look! :D

Thanks very much for looking!! ♥

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