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!GO Finally a Putumayo Group Order!!


All of the orders from this GO was shipped out from our office, located in San Jose on 8/24/09 or 8/25/09.
Your item(s) should arrive to you shortly.
We would like to thank everyone again who participated in this GO!

This Group Order is closed!!
We would like to thank everyone who participated in this GO.
We already placed our order with Putumayo, and confirmed stock with Putumayo. If you haven't heard anything from us, that means we were able to get your ordered item(s). We should've already contacted you, if the item you ordered was out of stock.
This GO was very successful, and we would definitely organize another GO in the future!! 
Even if you missed this GO, we ordered some items from Putumayo for our website, so you might be able to find something you like. We will be adding new items from Putumayo and Maxicimam end of August, so please visit our website at

Because of so many requests for Putumayo order, we decided to do a Group Order for


The GO would be going on for a week, starting today and ending on 8/09/09 (Sunday) 10:00PM PST.


Please look at these links for the items.

Home: http://www.putumayo-home.com/index-2.html


Cut Sew: http://www.putumayo-home.com/ap-cut/index.htm


Parka: http://www.putumayo-home.com/ap-pk/index.htm


Blouse: http://www.putumayo-home.com/ap-bl/index.htm


Bottoms / Skirt: http://www.putumayo-home.com/ap-sk/index.htm


One Piece: http://www.putumayo-home.com/ap-op/index.htm


Other: http://www.putumayo-home.com/zakka/zakka.htm

Putumayo has a sale section on their website but since
Sale items sell quick, there is a high possibility that we cannot get the item. But if you really want something from the Sales section, you can order them, but please do not order only Sales items.


Please list the link of item, the item color, and the quantity.

For example, if you want:




Quantity:1 Item #: 94240046 Color: Black Stripe


There would be a 15% fee added to the retail price.

This will cover the shipping /custom/service fee from Japan to Harajuku Hearts.


If the total GO reaches up to $2000, the additional fee would be only 10%!

This is because we will get cheaper wholesale price!!


You can place the order by commenting on this post, or PM, or emailing info@harajukuhearts.com


If your total purchase is over than $75 you will get free shipping within U.S. and Canada.

You will get discount shipping price for other countries. Please contact us for the price.

We will invoice you through paypal.

Thank you!! 

$2000/$2000  100%/100% 

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