moi_10_mois (moi_10_mois) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Meta Windowprint in 3 colours, Victorian Maiden etc

it´s time for sale :)

I accept paypal (cc and normal), shipping worldwide will be 12,90 eur noninsured and 25,80 eur for tracked and insured shipping. in europe uninsured shipping will be 8,90 eur, tracked shipping with insurance will be for europe 12,90 euR:

1)Victorian Maiden Ruffled Skirt: SOLD



size is free size. i´d like 90 EUR shipping include world wide. if you think the price is too high, don´t hesitate to make an offer, and we will see if we can workout something ^^

2) Red Metamorphose Windowprint OP

size is free size. 125 EUR

3) Black Metamorphose Windowprint OP SOLD

freesize, dress has shirring. 125 EUR

4) White Metamorphose Windowprint Skirt

it´s the long version (70cm). waist will go up to 67cm. i´d like 90 EUR shipping include for this skirt.

5)Metamorphose Lucky Pack OP in white NWT SOLD

40 EUR Shipping inclusiv

6) Metamorphose Ribbon Chandelier Cutsew in Silver SOLD

mesurements: 51cm long, bust: 80cm, waist: 74cm. 20 EUR shipping inclusive

7) AatP Socks NWT SOLD

15 EUR shipping inclusiv

8) Baby Socks NWT

15 EUR shipping inclusiv

9) Metamorphose Poodle Tote in Pink NWOT

18 EUR

10) Metamorphose Punkma Tie in grey

18 EUR shipping inclusiv

11) Metamorphose Bloomers in white NWOT SOLD

30 EUR shipping inclusiv.

If you have any question, don´t hesitate. sorry for my bad english :) I hope everything is clear XD

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