Paper Flowers (paperflowers06) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Paper Flowers

DT: Innocent World Lucky Pack Dress

*Canada & U.S. only. Please note I will not trade internationally.
*I ship from Ontario, Canada
*Paypal only
*I have +1 on the Loligoth DBS, and +2 on ebay under the same name.
*My measurements are Bust: 34"/86cm and Waist: 28"/70cm.

*** I have two dogs. If you are allergic, please beware! ***

Innocent World Lucky Pack Dress - Black and Off-White TRADED

I would like to trade this Innocent World Lucky Pack Dress. It is New Without Tags and includes the matching headdress. I have only ever tried it on. I find the style to be a bit too sweet for me, so I'd like to trade it for an Innocent World jumperskirt in a more classical style. I'd consider trades (for example) for the IW Teddy Bear Presents jsk, the Dollhouse jsk, or anything in a floral print (gently used is fine).



Tags: !dt, innocent world

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