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DS: Gothic and Lolita sewing mook, rose ring, and fabric

Read first please!
- I ONLY accept payment through paypal or concealed cash (only if you are in the US)
- price does not including shipping unless stated
- I have feedback at loligothdbs under sleepy_kaze

:D if you have any questions please ask.

Gothic and Lolita Sewing Mook

In good condition, patterns are included and have never been used or touched.

Price: $15 shipped in the US + paypal fees (please ask for international shipping)

Floral Antique White Fabric

picture with flash

picture WITHOUT flash and with a size comparison.

I'm selling 2 yards of this. Perfect for classic lolita :D

Price: $10 + shipping and paypal fees

Off-brand Blue Rose Ring

Side View

View from above and worn

The ring base is adjustable.

Price: $2 shipped + paypal fees (please ask for international shipping)

Trades, even partial trades are welcomed! Also, feel free to make an offer! Priority goes to the buyer with the highest offer.
Tags: !ds, offbrand

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