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Reason For Sale:
- I am selling these items to help pay off my bills and neccesities.

Condition(s) of The Items:
- The items come from a pet-free home.
- They are located in Ontario, Canada.
- Almost all of the items are NEW, unless stated otherwise.

How The Items are Priced:
- Each item are individually priced in USD. Shipping is excluded unless stated otherwise.
- I prefer to sell these items within Canada and US, but International buyers are welcome.
- I will try to send it in a nice discrete package to avoid any hassle(s) and will provide an estimate to the shipping cost(s).
- I accept ONLY paypal. Please take into account that I will apply the Paypal Fee(s) on top of the prefered amount.

FEEDBACK can be found here at: http://www.loligothdbs.com/?p=352
or in my xx_aya journal. [Please note, it is positive so far].

Note: If you have any questions or offers, Please PM me. Prices are negotiable.


Sechuna Bunny-ear Cutsew
Condition: this item is new and has only been tried on. Note* It never came with tags.
PRICE: 70 USD ~> 56 USD 

bust: 36 inches MAX
waist: 33 inches MAX
* The fabric is quite stretchy but I doubt it can fit more than the measurements I stated.
* The fabric is really good quality because it is nice and thick.

Hello Kitty Parasol
Condition: this item is new with tags.
PRICE: 50 USD ~> 40 USD 

Metamorphose Crown Headpiece with Pearls
Condition: this item is new and has only been tried on.
PRICE: 50 USD ~> 40 USD 

Angelic Pretty Fancy Melody Skirt xpink [rare print]
Condition: this item is brand new with no tags. It has been tried on once.
PRICE: 295 USD ~> 236 USD - International 240 USD

bust: N/A
waist: 28 inches MAX
* The fabric is quite thick but not stretchy.
* There is a bit of shirring on the back of the skirt, but I doubt it could stretch more than 28 inches.

Small Heart bag xpink
Condition: it's new.
PRICE: 20 USD   ~> 16 USD


length [how long the bag is]: about 12.5 cm
width [how wide the bag is]: about 16 cm
* The bag is shiny.
* I have 5/5 in stock.


Tags: angelic pretty

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