Shizuka_85 (shizuka_85) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS-Baby Fairy print Skirt and Antique blouse (lowered prices)

Nowadays, IW is getting my undivided love so I´m selling these items from baby in order to afford buying an IW blouse. Payment through paypal and if using cc the buyer is responsible for the fee. Items will be shipped from Sweden. Photos of the actual items can be provided upon request. Prices are somewhat negotiable, but please be reasonable.

Antique/Brown fairy print skirt. Bought off egl. Not sure how much the previous user worn it, but I´ve worn it once and it looks new to me. No flaws. $120/ £60/€85 $110/ £55/€75

Antique Blouse with detachable sleeves. Also bought off this community, but unused. Used twice by me. Mint condition. $125/£62/€88 $120/ £60/€85

If you´re interested in the whole set, I´ll sell it for $230/ £110/€160

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