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DS: Innocent World jsk, blouse, headband, and onepiece

I really, really need to raise some money and have lowered the prices of some items I posted a few months ago, in some cases significantly.  If I can't get rid of some of these items within the next few days, I'm going to sell them at Closet Child, where they will probably give me very little money in return.  These items are doing no good sitting around in my apartment.  Please give them good homes!

All items will be shipped from Japan via EMS.  Shipping can be combined.  Let me know if you actually live in Japan, as shipping will most likely be cheaper.  I can accept only PayPal.  If someone could kindly inform me how to link to my PayPal feedback page, I'd greatly appreciate it.  My name there is if it helps.

I can't do any trading.  These prices are somewhat negotiable, but please be reasonable if you’re going to make an offer. My e-mail is If you have questions or want additional pictures of anything, please feel free to comment here or e-mail me.

All of the Innocent World items are from the January 2007 fukubukuro.  I believe none of them are currently available on the website.

Black Innocent World Black Dot Satin JSK: ON HOLD

Bust: 37 inches max
Waist: 31 inches max

Worn for a day out once. There’s a hook on the zipper, which makes closing it easier if you’re on the edge for measurements. The fabric is very light. The three tiers at the bottom are alternating shades of black.  A closeup of the top is here and a closeup of the skirt is here.  

Asking price: $100 including worldwide EMS shipping

White Innocent World Heart Blouse:

Bust: 36
Waist: 30

Used. It's a little hard to see from this picture, but it ties in the back.  Be careful with the sizing. I would recommend being a little smaller than the listed measurements. I was right about at the measurements and I had trouble with the buttons. There is very slight fraying on the buttonholes, which sadly already there when I got this in the lucky pack. I can take a close up if anyone is interested.  You can see the collar detail here and the sleeve detail here

Asking price: $60 including worldwide EMS shipping

Pink Innocent World headband

This has been taken out of its package and tried on, but never worn outside.  I also took another picture at another angle

Asking price: $25 including worldwide EMS shipping

Pink Innocent World onepiece: SOLD, THANK YOU

I tried this on briefly, but it didn’t fit. Which is really too bad because it's gorgeous.  The following measurements were taken flat. I can take additional measurements if there’s anything you’re looking for.

Waist: maximum 14 inches flat.
Bust: maximum 18 inches flat
From waist to bottom of skirt (including lace): 21 inches
From the bottom of the front collar to the waist: 13 inches
From the top of the collar in the back to waist: 16 inches

For more pictures, please look here

Asking price: $130 including worldwide EMS shipping

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