allie (lolitallie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Auction: BABY Bunny Slippers

**photo ganked from this post on mbok because my cell phone camera = crappy quality**

I recieved these bunny slippers with my last order from BABY, and as I have no chance of ever fitting them [unless I chop off my toes] so I am offering them to the highest bidder. I would say they would fit a BABY size L comfortably [I am size 25JP and my heels go off the end by about 1.5cm]. I tried them on once (with socks) inside my house, so they are clean.

My minimum price is 15 USD [including shipping and insurance/tracking within the US] -- bidding will end Wednesday 31 October at 5pm PST. My feedback can be found here. Thanks!

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