LuciFleur (lailu) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

H.Naoto Blood Asymmetrical Double Layer Skirt

An H.Naoto Blood skirt that consists of a knee-length skirt with a sheer over skirt that comes to about mid calf on me (5'5"/165cm).

print at bottom corner of skirt

Print across the sheer fabric

Shot taken with flash to show some of the details

Waist: MAXIMUM- 26inches (waistband will NOT stretch)

Price: 125 USD

Bust: 32" - 36"
Waist: 26" - 29"
( It went up to a 30 inch waist on my manaquine with a bit more room to spare though.)
I'm not too sure of the exact maximum measurements but with the shirring in the back it should fit a bit bigger sizes.

Price: 90 USD

Shirt is NOT being sold with the JSK.

Forms of payment include:

-Money Orders/International Money orders

Shipping may vary according to location so please feel free to ask.

Thank you for looking~!

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