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The wicked wit of the west



First up we have the infamous meta white X white LP dress from this year:

It is no longer in the plastic, but has only been worn once, around the house, when I thought I was going to keep it. For this reason, it has also had the tags taken off/thrown away.

Measurements everyone probably knows by now - the bust is shirred, so that's more or less free size. The waist is also free size. I'm about 5'5 and it falls below my knee (just). The arms are elasticated, but they were tight(ish) on my apper arms, which were about 13 inches at the time.

I want about $90 USD for this, including shipping worldwide, from Australia. I will accept trades - I'm currently looking for brand name skirts with a waist of 64cm or more, socks, cute brand accessories (bags and jewelery mostly), or plus sized cutsews (my bust is 92cm).

Second up we have this off-brand Sailor skirt:

worn, to give you an idea of length:

It falls on my knee.

It's a very cute white and navy with a band of white lace around the bottom edge. The waist is NOT elasticated, and measures about 34.5 inches (it's very generous). I think it would look absolutely gorgeous with that little sailor cutsew from Fanplus Friend - it'd make a cute casual loli skirt with or without petticoat (although in the picture, it is worn with a flat-ish petti).

For this, I'm only looking for about $35 USD including shipping internationally. Feel free to offer trades, but I'd prefer cash for this one.

I accept all flavors of paypal, and bank transfer if you're within Australia.

Thanks very much~!


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