V.S. (banshee123) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS BTSSB Parfait and Meta Pinafore

I'm selling a blue baby the stars shine bright parfait jumperskirt.
It is fully shirred so it's free size up to ~52"
I am at uni right now and do not have a camera, so these are pictures that were taken previously.
The back laces up similar to this dress, and you can also take the halter straps off and wear it as a normal jsk. The regular straps are included.
There are two extremely minor stains that came on this dress when I got it; they are roughly a millimeter small and are not noticeable at all due to the nature of the print. (they're roughly the size of a sharpie tip)

I will be taking offers until midnight on Sunday.
Please offer over $195.

No, I will not trade for a lucky pack item.

I am also selling this lavender Meta pinafore jsk.
Someone else recently sold one of these. (If anyone has any stock photos that would help me out a lot!)
The straps are ruffled, but the ruffle is removable with buttons if you don't like it, and the straps criss-cross in the back, but they can also be worn straight if you're taller or if you adjust the buttons.
The front center panel is shirred as well as the back which has a corset ribbon, too.
It zips up the side.

Because of the double shirring panel it can fit up to roughly 45 or 46" bust (I am a 44/45" bust), but the waist is fixed and will not stretch beyond 34" or so. The double shirring panel hardly affects the waist, so I would not recommend this if you're over 34" in the waist.

It is in perfect condition.
I will be taking offers until midnight on Sunday.
Please offer over $100.


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