Leonidas (stadt_kind) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

For sale: SDL bondage trousers and Westwood shirt

Sexy Dynamite London bondage trousers and Vivienne Westwood shirt for sale!

Hi everyone!
I have a pair of SDL bondage trousers for sale, I got them in Tokyo in August, a total impulse buy. Even though they're amazing, I never wore them as they're not really my style. They're a size M, here are the measurements from the website:

Here's my photo:

And here's the stock photo.

The front and back kilt panels are detachable, so you can wear in it a few variations.

Since they're brand new I'd like as much as I got them for, which is 10,290yen. I'm located in London and a meetup is fine with me, otherwise I could do recorded (£3) or special delivery (£6) within the UK or International signed for/Airsure (these should be -+£10ish) for the rest of the world. I can check international postal rates more precicely but please only if you're serious about buying! ^.^

And then I have a fantastic Westwood shirt (size II) that's too small for me up on ebay.


These two together are what Shin is wearing in this photo.

I thought some of you would appreciate the info. :P


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