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Sweet lolita items for sale! ^_^

1. Angelic☆School Sailer Blouse Pink

 Hi everyone!

This is absolutely cute and I really love it. 

I got this through the reservation and waited about 2 months to get it so it is very sentimental to me. 

I wore it for less than 30 minutes only for the photoshoot.

I extra-sensitively care for all my wardrobe, and this one was not exceptional.
It is good as new.

Bust 87cm
Waist 80cm

If you are smaller, there is a detatchable bow at the back so you can adjust the waist a bit.

I would like $150 shipped to US or Canada and $155 for anywhere in the world, please.

2.Black Lolita Shoe size L (U.S. 8-8.5)

I wore it only once and it was less than 2 hours indoor.
I originally paid more than $120 for it, but I know that it's a ripping-off price-_-
I just didn't know at the time.
So, I am willing to let it go $70 shipped to U.S.
It will go in a original box.

3. Pink Lolita winter coat

It is Angelic Pretty replica. I only tried once. It was never worn.
It has cute pudle applique with pearl leash.
Buttons are like bunny tail maid with pom pom.
Heart detail on the back is detatchable.

I would like $60 shipped to U.S.

Bust 40"
Waist 34"

My hieght is 166cm.

4. Black Lolita Dress, new with tag.

This is a basic black lolita outfit that every loli has in her closet.
There are pin tucks on the front torso along with lace and ribbons.
There are also pin tucks and lace on the sleeves.
It is completely new with tag.


I would like $75 shipped to U.S or Canada, please^_^

5. Pink Sailer lolita outfit

I tried it only once only for photoshoot for less than 30 minutes.
I really love sailer theme, so I have too much of similar dresses.
It is very very cute and maid with good material!
It is high-waisted and really poofy from the waist, so you will look like preschool girl if you like that kind of feeling.

I would like $110 shipped to U.S. please.

Bust 35
Wasit 33""

Sailer collar detail

Skirt and lace detail

Button and pin-tuck detail.

6. Angelic☆School JSK Pink

This is sooooooo cute! Isn't it?
It was sold out on the official website.
I love Angelic Pretty's school series very much.
I hope someone who takes this will love this child as much as did ; _; 

Front bow

It's a broach. It looks like one of those name tags we wore when we were in preschool XD

Back view

Detatchable bow at the back

Shirring at the back ^_^)/

I wore it less than 30 minutes only for the photoshoot.
I kept it in the plastic protector so it's really like new.

I would like $200 shipped to US and Canada.


7. Angelic Pretty socks Pink

Completely new. 
I would like $40 shipped.

8. Strawberry bag

I bought it because it's so cute. I didn't have chance to use it yet.
I would like $55 shipped.

9. Rococo Dress.

It's an elegant gothic lolita dress.
It looks amazing with the petticoat@_@!!
I would like $100 shipped please.
Bust 35"
Waist 32"

10. Black sailer top. US 8

It's similar to the pink one.
It just comes with one detatchable bow at the back.
I would like $60 shipped for this one as well.

Bust 37"

11. White skirt.  Free size

Brand new.
It's a basic white skirt with elastic band.
I would like $50 shipped. Thank you

12. Red back frill skirt 27"-28"



It's a cute skirt you must have for your winter.
Lots of frills and laces.
Only tried once at home.
$60 shipped.

13. classic lolita one-piece

$90 shipped

Bust 38"
Waist 33"

14. Violet One-piece

$100 shipped

bust 34"
waist 28"

I take paypal only~!
All prices are in Canadian dallar^_^!

If you have any question, please feel free to ask ^  ____^) /

Thank you.

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