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Metamorphose/VM/MM/Sex Pot Revenge for Sale!

Reposting due to price cuts!

☆ All prices are in USD and include international shipping by registered airmail
☆ I accept Paypal only (non-CC preferable but otherwise, buyer bears the fees)
☆ I will be shipping from Singapore, but meetups are available for local buyers
☆ All measurements are taken flat and doubled (where necessary), and are taken by an amateur, so please allow for a difference of 1-2cm
☆ Priority goes to those who can pay first
☆ I have some feedback here and here.


1. Sex Pot Revenge "PANDA BOY+A.W. Custom T-shirt" SOLD

Worn once for a few hours and washed after that. Will be ironed before sending it out. Tags will also be shipped together with the item.


Width: 46.5cm
Shoulder width: 44cm
Length: 65.5cm
Sleeve length: 18.5cm

Price: USD78


2. Metamorphose vanity case

Closeup of crown design in front
Interior (sorry about the brightness of the picture ^^;)
Crown charm on the zippers

Used once and cleaned thoroughly after usage. There are a few mild creases in the material but other than that, there are no noticeable flaws.


Length: 20cm
Width: 14cm
Height: 8.8cm

Price: USD65


3. Victorian Maiden Cutsew SOLD!

Lace detail

I got this off Y!JA where the previous owner has only worn it once. I have only tried it on after I got it. The colour is a rather deep antique white and there is shirring at the bust, waist and armholes.

The real colour is quite hard to capture but it's closer to the colour in this photo. The tag will be shipped along with the item.


Bust: 80cm~ (shirred)
Waist: 54-70cm (it can go slightly further but I wouldn't recommend going further than 70cm for comfort)

Price: USD70


Thank you very much for looking! ♥

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