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DS and SS: AP and Print Fabric Shopping Service

Direct Sales
~I take paypal for payment. Shipping and fees are included in the price.
~Priority goes to whomever leaves their paypal and location first.
~I am not responsible for packages once they leave my hands, but they will be sent via priority through paypal which provides a tracking number.

Angelic Pretty Illumination One Piece
I have worn this dress a few times, and it is in excellent condition. I did have to reinforce some of the bows along the bottom because they were coming loose, but you can't tell really.
It is quarter shirred, so it can fit up to a 38 bust and 30 waist.
Price: $150 shipped in the US, $165 shipped International

Angelic Pretty Angel Pony One Piece
I have worn this dress several times, but it is in excellent condition. There are no stains, tears or rips on it.
It is quarter shirred, so it can fit up to a 38 bust and 30 waist.
Price: $250 shipped in the US, $265 shipped International
Socks are available for an additional $25. They have been worn once and are in near perfect condition. There is no discoloration on the sole. If the dress is bought without the socks, I will sell them separately.

Shopping Service
I currently work in a fabric store where we sell TONS of printed fabric. We have florals, sweets, asian prints, polka dots and tons more. Since I know that a lot of members here are often looking for nice prints, I figured I would offer a shopping service for it.
Here's how it works:
~You contact me about a certain kind of print (for example, pink with cupcakes)
~I take a picture of the prints that match that description.
~You tell me whether you like any of the prints and how much you would like.
~I invoice you for the cost of the fabric, purchase it, and then send it out.
I will be charging $5 for the service each time it's used, regardless of how much is bought. I do not get a discount on fabrics bought for other people, so I am not making any money off of the fabric. Prices vary, although they all run about $10 a yard. I will give an exact price when I get pictures.
The price would be calculated by (Price of Fabric x yardage) + (sales tax [9.75% of total purchase]) + paypal fees + shipping + $5 service fee
Thanks so much, hopefully this will be helpful to some who are looking for prints~
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