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DS -- Angelic Pretty, Chocomint Style Jewelry, Sanrio laptop bag, 20% off DS lite Deco Case!

~ Alice Doll Sales ~

Please Read all Rules before Purchase!

Shipping comes from USA 37221.

At this time, I only accept PAYPAL purchases. NO ECHECKS.
All buyers must pay the 4% paypal fee. Totals will be calculated with to insure no mistakes will be made.
Shipping is not included within the price. Please ask.
IF YOU ARE AN INTERNATIONAL BUYER PLEASE TELL ME. Your shipping options are a bit different.
All Items are Handmad--meaning that the pieces while durable can still be fragile if not taken care of. There might be some traces of glue, but can be easily scratched off with no harm to the item. Thankyou for understanding. <3
I am not to be held Liable for shipping damages. I offer extra protection for only $1.50 and it is highly recommended for fragile rings and hairpieces. I wrap them as best as I can without, but accidents do happen. Tracking for people within the US is avaliable for $0.65.

Sweet Blueberry DS lite Case ---- Price: $25.00 20.00+shipping

Made with Cookies,Doughnuts,HQ S.crystals, bear cookies, HQ Cabochon Bow + pinkxwhite yummy frosting! Delicious! :3

My Melody Small Laptop//School Bag (for laptops smaller than 14inches) -- Price: $14.00 each +shipping

This bag is super cute! I bought it brand new, never used it --- when I took it out of the closet to try it out, I saw that there was a small black smudge in the back--- tiny, hard to notice, but still there. Originally bought at $23.00-- so i'm discounting it. The bag is made of vinyl -- so I'm sure it can be wiped off, I'm just not experienced with that kind of thing @_@ ~ Dimensions: for laptops smaller than 14 inches : 13 x 9.5 (estimated)---

Alice and the Pirates inspired Corderoy Headbow + Matching Band - Price $8.00

Made out of High Quality Corderoy --- I was meaning to make this to match an old Alice and the Pirates skirt I had wanted, but was never able to get. The color is a dark brown with gold accents. It's perfect for any Steampunk lolita ~!

Angelic Pretty detachable sleeves - Price $18.00

Made out of High Quality cotton --- came with an Angelic Pretty dress I once owned. I don't have anything to match them to so they have to go! they're super pretty. ;_; I love the lace detail-- I'm 90% sure it will go with any other detachable sleeves --- they have a place for buttons at the top. Wasn't too sure what to ask price wise for these @_@ I think it's fair.

Pink sweet swirl Headpiece and Ring set - Price $7.00 On HOLD

Perfect for any sweet coordinate!

Pink and Blue Swirl Headpiece - Price $4.50 ON HOLD

Perfect for any sweet coordinate!

Blue Swirl Headpiece - Price $4.00 SOLD

Perfect for any sweet coordinate!

red strawberry and Cookie strap - Price $4.50 ADDED TO ETSY

Looks great on phones!

Blue Swirl Cookie and Bead Strap - Price $5. ADDED TO ETSY

Looks great on phones!

Strawberry Bear and Cookie Set - Price $5.50 ADDED TO ETSY

Looks great on phones!

Please Also Check out my Etsy Page Here!

Also~ I am up for taking Art Commissions! Please check out my deviantart page!!

If you are interested in a Custom Commission ` Feel Free to ask!

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