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DS: Mega sale! OPs, JSKs, skirts, tops, more!

Feedback on Loligoth DBS and Ebay under angelicnoir.
~~ Will definitely consider trades for cute / novelty prints, a white cutsew, rocking horses, or tea-party shoes (size M).
Paypal payments only. Prices DO NOT include shipping and Paypal fee.
US buyers preferred.
Priority to fastest payment or highest offer.
More lolita sales (including size M shoes) at my journal!

[[Mannequin measures 36 inch bust, 24 inch waist, 38 inch hips for reference.]]

OPs and JSKs
Starting from $35. Off-brand, Jet J, BTSSB, Meta, Miho Matsuda, VM, Putumayo.

$50 OBO. Off-brand OP.
Thin poly-fabric. Nondetachable waist ties. Adjustable lacing up the bodice. Zips up back.
Measurements: Bust is 30 - 44 inches (more to stretch it out completely).  Waist is 34 inches max, cinches with waist ties and frontal lacing.

$190 OBO. Victorian Maiden OP.
Faux buttons down the front. Sweetheart neckline. Princess seams. Laces up the back. Comes with detachable ribbon ties that aren't pictured.
Measurements: Max bust is 39 inches and max waist is 35 inches (with the lacing fully loosened).  Cinches to an EXTRA EXTRA SMALL with lacing done completely tight.  Shoulder to waist is 16.5 inches.  Skirt length is 20.5 inches.

$225 OBO. Juliette Et Justine OP.
Heavy cotton fabric. Cream. Long sleeves. Pintucks throughout. Cinch the waist with ties as shown.
Measurements: Max bust is 45 inches and max waist is 36 inches.  No minimum due to style of cinching that flatters all the way down an extra extra small (though a 30 inch bust may look a bit weird).  Shoulder to waist is 16.5 inches.  Skirt length is 22 inches.  Sleeve length is approximately 22.5 inches (hard to measure with no shoulder seams).

$135 OBO. BTSSB cutsew OP in white.
Bow-style design at neck. Partial frontal shirring. Scalloped hem. Ties in back.
Measurements: Fabric is super stretchy, so this fits extra small to extra large easily.  Bust max is 44 inches (46 to stretch it taut).  Waist max is 36 inches.  Shoulder to waist is 14 inches.  Skirt length is almost 20.5 inches.

$190 OBO. Metamorphose OP set.
Two piece Alice set. I think this set is pretty rare. Blue OP and white heart apron. Long sleeves. Cotton with cotton accents. Collar is detachable. Apron is detachable. Waist ties are detachable.  Comes with extra buttons sewn to tag.  OP buttons down the front and slips on.
Measurements: max 38 inch bust, max 32 inch waist, total length almost 34 inches, sleeve length almost 23 inches.

OP without apron:

$180 OBO. Two piece Visible by Miho Matsuda set.
Will split this set. $100 OBO for each piece. Blouse had TONS of lace down the neckline, aristocratic like a cravat. Buttons down the front. Skirt has an elasticized waist for a range of fits and has a built in petticoat, but is not lined.
Measurements: Blouse max bust is 36 inches and blouse max waist is 32 inches (cinches with waist ties).  Length from shoulder to hem is 21.5 inches including ruffles (see pic for fit).  Skirt waist is 22 - 42 inches.  Skirt length is almost 21 inches including lace.

Blouse detail:
Skirt detail:

$250 OBO. Metamorphose pintucked OP in rose.
Cross-straps at neck are detachable. Pintucks and ruffles throughout. This was another one of my dream dresses and it is in excellent condition, just wrinkled from storage.
Measurements: Max bust is 38 inches and max waist is 32 inches.  Shoulder to waist is approximately 14.5 inches (there is shirring at the shoulders).  Skirt length is a little over 24 inches.

Detail at bodice:

$100 OBO. Metamorphose A-line OP in salmon.
Brand new with tags. Wrinkled from storage but no flaws. A-line shape.
Measurements: Max bust is 37 inches.  Waist and hips are free.  Total length from shoulder to hem is 34.5 inches.  Sleeve length is almost 23 inches.
Laid flat:

$125 OBO. Metamorphose cream velveteen JSK.
Medium thick and heavy velveteen.  CREAM color, not off-white.  Has white lace accents.  Full lined.  Zips up the back.  Partial smocking at frontal bodice.  Adjustable bow tie at neck so there isn't any gaping at the chest.  Detachable waist ties.
Measurements:  Max bust is 41 inches (42 stretched taut).  Max waist is 36 inches.  Shoulder to waist is almost 14.5 inches.  Skirt length is 21 inches.

Laid flat without flash:
Laid flat with flash:

$300 OBO. Metamorphose light green OP.

Brand new with tags, extra buttons, fabric swatch. Cost me over $300 USD to get. This was my dream dress but it doesn't flatter me the way I'd hoped. Frontal smocking. Detachable collar and waist-ties. Zips up the back.
Measurements: Max bust is 38 inches.  Max waist is 33 inches.  Shoulder to waist is 13.5 inches.  Skirt length is 21 inches.

$110 OBO. Putumayo sailor set.
Two piece set. Red and black. Features musical motif. Short sleeves can cuff for alternate looks. Skirt is a-line and can fit a mild petticoat only.
Measurements: Skirt waist is 24 - 32 inches (but hips can't exceed 36 inches to get it on).  Length is 18 inches.  Blouse is 20 inches long from shoulder to hem with a comfortable max bust of 36 inches and a max waist of 32 inches.
Back of blouse, with sleeves cuffed:

$100 OBO. Metamorphose underbust JSK.
Looks grey, but it's actually a very thin black and white pinstriped fabric. Straps are adjustable. Bow is detachable by pin. Waist ties are detachable by buttons.


$150 OBO. Three-piece Metamorphose set.
Comes with hair bow, skirt, and top. Hair bow has wire for shape and attached to head with ribbon. Top is fully elasticized and has adjustable straps that tie into bows at the shoulders. Skirt is high waisted and is fully elasticized (see detail pic).


$35 OBO. Off-brand JSK in yellow.
100% cotton. Straps tie into bows at shoulders and are adjustable. Skirt hem detailed with floral embroidery. Wrinkled from storage but otherwise in excellent condition.
Measurements: Max bust is 43 inches (more if you want to be scandalous about it).  Max waist is 32 inches comfortably.  Shoulder to waist is adjustable.  Skirt length is around 23.5 inches.

Without flash:
Detail of hem:

$45. Off-brand BTSSB replica JSK.
Blouse not included (will sell for additional $30). Bows at straps are not removable. Fully shirred bodice. Nondetachable waist ties. Raschel lace is soft and NOT scratchy. Fully lined. Built in petticoat. Well made.
Measurements: Bust is 23 - 40 inches (41 inches stretched tight).  Waist is 23 - 36 inches.  Shoulders are shirred so no definite shoulder to waist length; I'm guessing around 16.5 inches?  Skirt length is 22 inches including lace.

Blouses and Cutsews and Jackets
Starting from $15. Off-brand, Tripp, BTSSB, Meta.

$45 OBO. Tripp NYC mili-loli halter corset.

Excellent mint condition. Skull grommets. Tripp snap buttons down the front. Figure flattering black piping detail. Pockets are faux. Neck is adjustable (see detail pic). Laces up the back.

Detail without flash:
Detail with flash:
Back of neck and lacing:

$40 OBO. BTSSB cutsew in pink.
Short sleeved with a bunny ear hoodie. Buttons down the front a bit and slips on. Has a good detail of stretch to it. Gently used.
Measurements: This cutsew stretches A LOT.  Without warping, bust can probably go to 44 inches and waist can probably go to 32 inches.  Length from shoulder to hem is 17 inches.

Without flash:

$90 OBO. BTSSB cutsew in white.
This came with tags and I might still be able to fit them. Comes with detachable sleeves.
Measurements: Ribbon at the bust doesn't stretch as much as the fabric; so the max bust would probably be around 39 inches.  Max waist can reach 38 inches.  Length from shoulder to hem is 20 inches including ruffle.  Sleeve length is approx 22 inches.


$15 OBO. Off brand fleece zip-up.
Fuzzy hoodie, comfortable fleece material, pink zipper. Matches most pinks. Gently used.
Measurements: Stretches a lot!  Max bust is 38 inches and max waist is 36 or 37 inches before warping.  Length from shoulder to hem is almost 21 inches.  Sleeve length is almost 23 inches.

$35 OBO. Metamorphose black velveteen jacket.

I have had this jacket for years and it has been loved. It is a black, light velveteen material with heart buttons down the front. See flash pic for more details.
Measurements: Max bust is 37 inches and max waist is 32 inches.  Length from shoulder to hem is 20 inches.  Sleeve length is 21.5 inches.

With flash:

Skirts and Pants

Starting at $65. IW, Meta, Heart E, Miho Matsuda.

$100 OBO. Innocent World pinstriped skirt.
Black and white with very thin pinstriping. Elastic at back of waist.

With flash:

$60 OBO. Metamorphose three-tier white skirt.
Excellent condition with no flaws.

Proof of ownership:

$65 OBO. Heart E cream skirt.

Zips up the back and secures with a rose button. Has white heart lace along the hem. Please see other pics for a good idea of the color.

With flash:
Detail without flash:
Detail with flash:

Metamorphose brown floral skirt.
May consider separating from the set above with the right offer. Fully elasticized high waist.

$100 OBO. Visible by Miho Matsuda skirt.
Will consider separating from the set seen above. White with black check design. Black lace. Built in petticoat but not lined. Fully elasticized waist.

Skirt detail:
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