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DS: Saxe Blue Bustle Underskirt from Lady Heather's Fashion

1. Everything has been around cat and dog fur, so please be aware if you have allergies.
2. I'm not responsible for stuff lost in the mail.
3. The measurements are amateur.
4. I have +3 good feedback on the loligoth database.

First up is an ivory floral print jumper from the TaoBao shop Lolita Princess. This is the original auction page. The color on that page though is kind of misrepresentative. It's actually an ivory/kinari and darker than the pictures on that page. It's unlined, the fabric is a bit thin, and not the highest quality, but it's nice for the price. The back is partially shirred. EDIT: Forgot to add that the lace around the bib is that netting-stuff, kind of icky but it's the only lace on the whole jumper. Plus the bows are satin.

Bust: 17-21" flat
Waist: 15-17" flat, can go another inch but it wouldn't be comfortable.
Length: 34"
I'd like $35 for this including US shipping.

Next is a saxe bustle underskirt from Lady Heather's Fashions. (Don't be alarmed that the background for these images is different, I couldn't get a nice shot of the JSK so I found some older pictures of it I took on my computer.)

There is a seam underneath the waistband for the lining, I don't know if that would bother some people. There's also a small brown mark on the front, but it's so minor it would probably come out when cleaned. It's right in the middle of this picture below. EDIT: Also forgot to add that the top layer of ruffle in the back doesn't lie very flat, but you could probably just stitch down the sides of it.

Waist: 12-20" flat, but I wouldn't get too close to the max measurement because the elastic would get uncomfortable.
Length: About 23" long.
I'd like $35 for this including US shipping.

Thanks for looking!

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