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WTT/DS: Bodyline Sepia Music JSK [ SOLD]

This is the stock photo on Bodyline

Just in case photo doesnt show this is the link

This is my proof of possesion
These measurements are approximate

About 50cm from waist to bottom of skirt
waist 30-34cm flat
bust 36-39cm flat
back tie is 79cm long(one)

There is shirring on the back of the dress, Im a 36c and it was very
snug on me.

Also a bow with an attached comb. 7inc long

2 front bows on dress with the pearl chain are undetachable!

I have only tried it once but never worn out! Very lovely print! It just fits me a bit tight.

Im very interested mainly in trading it for a nice blackor white cutsew/blouse with a similar price, Im a 36c would like it to fit me comfortable, prefer t to be short sleeved please. If no trades I will sell for $40 shipped from USA and if possible will like to keep it w/in the states. If going anywhere else I will need time to find out how much ok ^^

I can take paypal or bank transfer is fine. No fee

If any information is needed please PM me. Thanks for looking.

Tags: !ds, bodyline

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