origamidisaster (origamidisaster) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTC: Meta skirt replica -Search is over- ^_^


  I’m searching for a seamstress to make me a replica of the Metamorphose Georgette Frill Skirt.

There are a few changes that are different than the original though. Instead of using silk Georgette, I would prefer if it was made from chiffon instead. I would like the color to be roughly the same ( Bordeaux ), but it doesn’t have to be exact either. I am not providing the fabrics and lace.

If you are interested in taking me up on this, I would like a rough estimate of how much the commission would be and also some examples of previous work.

I’m located in Florida, so any seamstresses in the US interested will take priority.

Thanks <3

An extra note: If I didn’t place enough information above, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. This is my first WTC (and first post on EGL period) and so, I wasn’t sure what I should and shouldn’t say in the request.


Tags: !wtc, metamorphose

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