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DS: MMM Rose Blue OP, MMM black skirt, IW cameo Brooch, JM pins, BtSSB spring&summer catalog 2009

Hello girls!

A few informations before:
- I'm living in France, but I can ship worldwild!
- I accept paypal or bank transfer within the E.U.
- All my prices do not include shipping, unless it is specified. For registred airmail, including insurance and tracking, please add 15 euros for Europe, and 17 euros for the rest of the World.
If you don't want registred air mail, I can send little objects (like socks) by simple letter. But I'm not responsible in case of lost or damage.
- my paypal is, and you can always join me with this e-mail.
- I have 100% positive feedback on the dbs ( !
- We can talk about the price, I accept reasonnable offers :-)

Other items for sale here(1 IW blouse, 1 btssb white bolero, 1 Jesus Diamante Dress):


I'm really sad to part with it, because it is really a lovely dress, and I really love it.
But we have to move from our flat to another one next month, and I need money to do that.
I hope She will find a lovely home! <3

Beatiful and elegant OP.
Bought second hand from Tsukiyodix, but I did not worn it lot: 2 times, and for photoshoot, not a whole day

More pictures under those links:

Little problem: the little link to put the ribbon through is broken:

Picture of it being worn:

I would like 190 euros for it.

MMM black cotton princess skirt: ON HOLD FOR TSUKIYODIX

More pictures by following those links!


I would like 75 euros for it (I bought it second hand and never worn it). Still in perfect shape, lovely cotton skirt, perfect for summer!

IW Cameo black brooch:SOLD, THANK YOU!

A lovely brooch from Innocent World, with a cute angel in it.
I would like to ask 20 euros for it.

Jane Marple UK style Pins:

Lovely postcard with 3 pins from jane marple. Different sizes: 1 huge huge one :-) and two more reasonable. perfect for punk or classical style!

Price: I would like 15 euros for it (shipping include)

BtSSB Sprin&Summer 2009 catalog:

Lovely catalog, with lots of pictures frome baby and Alice and The Pirates new collections!
Some other pics (from the inside) under those links:

Bloming snow white print:

I would like 15 euros for it.

I have still other items for sale:
- one Innocent World Blouse
-One BtSSB white bolero
-one black dress by Jesus Diamante, just here: 
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, jane marple, moi-meme-moitie

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