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Meta LP Cutsew Blouse + Handmade Bows! Make an Offer!

Hi I'm trying to earn money because I'm going to be an exchange student in Japan starting in August  so I've decided to sell my  adorable meta cutsew i just got and some bows.  Thanks for looking [ I've spent so much on this comm when I was trying to save... haha]

-I Ship from New York
-Prices Include Shipping unless otherwise specified
-I only accept paypal
-Buyer is responsible for fees
-You can haggle =]
- first to send pp address gets it
-I can do holds- but with a non-refundable deposit of 20%
-I'd prefer to ship to only us/canada, but if you love something lmk
-Prices include first class shipping - if you'd like an upgrade [like priority, tracking, delivery comfirmation, registered mail] let me know and I can give you a price

Meta Pompon Knit Blouse

Tag- http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa109/fashionlover58/425.jpg
Stock- http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa109/fashionlover58/knitblouse.jpg

This is a NWT meta stretch blouse made of cutsew material!  It has cute red pompon trim at the collar cuffs and near the buttons.  I wish I could keep it but I need the money and it doesn't really match anything I own T__T...
Measurements- (from Site) length 51 cm (20.0 in), bust 88 cm (34.6 in), sleeve length 59 cm (23.2 in)
The original price was 10,290 yen ~$108
My asking price is $65 Shipped OBO

Brand new basic bows made by me!  1-5 have alligator clips while 6-9 have these kind of clips[http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa109/fashionlover58/433.jpg]   They look adorable with lolita outfits [or just casual clothing]

Price $3.50 Shipped each [I can give a shipping doiscount if you order more than one]
Tags: !ds, handmade, metamorphose

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