the artist in the big top, perplexed. (jahrhundert) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
the artist in the big top, perplexed.

WTB: Metamorphose Swan Lake Skirt + Angelic Pretty blouse

I am looking for the クラシカルラウンド切替レーシィブラウス (Classical Round Lacey Blouse) pictured above in BLACK. I am not interested in any other colour but black. If you have a blouse very similar to it, please comment with a picture of it. I like this blouse due to it's clean cuffs and no over-the-top frilly cuffs so if you have a black blouse like that, feel free to comment.
If you DO own this blouse, comment with the price and picture as proof.

I am also still looking for the BLACK (no other colour) Swan Lake skirt (mini-length preferably if it was released in that length. Medium is fine as well). The one piece and JSK also interests me as well. An LJ user did message me about selling hers but I haven't heard from her back so I am still searching.

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, metamorphose

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