Linds Ham. <3 (oxxcyanidexxo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Linds Ham. <3

WTB: Pastel Sweet JSK, Handmade, Brand, Offbrand, Needed by the 14th!

Hi there!

I am looking to get a new JSK for Otakon and would like to have it by the 14th. I'm looking for something in pink mainly, but am also considering yellow, lilac and mint. I have a fairly tight budget, nothing over 100 USD please.

Solids (yes please.) and prints both an option. I have a 34 inch bust and 27 inch waist. :D

I recently posted a sale for a BTSSB PInk tartan JSK (I just don't wear tartan enough.) and a Meta skirt for sale and trade, but since I didn't get any good trades in yet, I figured I would just post a WTB, but if you are interested in trading, you can find the post here:

Getting nervous about finding one for a good price since con time is creeping closer! Eek!


Tags: !wtb

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