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!WTB Brand Lolita Jewelry

Hello!  I am looking for specific items this time around.  I am in love with all of these pieces, so if you have them and are willing to sell them, please let me know!  

I pay by CC-Paypal and live in the US (use zip code 78660). 

Here we go!

1. Matching BTSSB Necklace AND/OR Choker.
      I bought the ring recently in PINK that matched these items.  So now, I'm looking for the choker and/or necklace that match in PINK only.

2. BTSSB Ribbon Ring
     I don't know if it does, but I'm looking for this ring in a Japanese size 14/15.  I would like the shorter version as well...

3. Metamorphose Bracelet/ Wrist Cuff
     I can't figure out what size this is on the site, but I love it!  I am willing to buy any color (cream/black/pink) as long as it will fit. 

4. Sexy Dynamite London Cameo Necklace
     This my be a long shot, but I found this image on SDL's museum site and fell in love.  So beautiful...

As always, the price will be the deciding factor. >.<  I just received some extra spending cash from a job I did in May, but it is limited.

Thanks in advance! 

Tags: !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, sexy dynamite london

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