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DS ~ Babyssb skirt and cutsew

Alice in funfair skirt ♪
Baby, the stars shine bright ~~ S O L D ! ♪



Teddybear cutsew ♪
Baby, the stars shine bright

♥ Front

♥ Front

Bought also used from Finnish lolita. Rare, never seen anywhere. :O Teddybear lace and buttons on front. The former owner was using it a lot and it's a bit fluffy. Used few times, not too much my style (highlights my shoulders). Size about 38, ordinary Baby size.
I ship from Finland. I'm asking 30€ Including shipping everywhere.

゜・。・゜・゜・。・R E A D   T H I S ゜・゜・。゜・゜・。・゜・゜・。
Payment only Paypal
Shipping when I receive the payment
I bubblewrap
Cheapest shipping method unless you don't want to
If you're not pleased with the price, please let me know ;)
Little gift with every package ! ~♪
Proof of ownership picture when you reserve or ask for it
Discount when buying both
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright

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